DigiPen strikes again! A Flipping Good Time, by the wonderful students at DigiPen, is already a game that’s been fairly discussed within the indie game space due to its being featured on the PAX10 this year, but it’s such a good game that I thought we could relive it once more.

A Flipping Good Time is a game that takes its name literally. Playing as a fast-paced 2D platformer you are able to “flip” gravity on and off in order to race through and beyond obstacles."

"There’s a lot to love about the game from its colorful graphics to intricate and challenging level design, which is why I believe the game still warrants discussion.

A Flipping Good Time is currently available for free and is participating in IGF 2012. I’m not sure how far they’ll get, but I hope they get some recognition as it really is a great game.

- Geoff Gibson, DIYGamer. November 2011