A Flipping Good Time
  • 2011 Indie Games For Good Marathon

    A Flipping Good Time was played live online by Indie Games for Good to raise money for Child's Play Charity.

  • 2011 Pax10

    Elected by a panel of over 100 game industry experts as a 2011 PAX10 winner.

  • 2011 Extra Credit Innovation Awards

    Nominated for “Most Unbelievable Awesomely Fun” award category.

  • X-Play

    X-Play made their way to our Pax10 booth and interviewed Kenneth as part of their Pax10 coverage.

  • Giant Bomb

    Richard had a great interview with Giant Bomb for his Pax10 coverage.

  • Machinima.com

    Amalachi entertains the host for Machinima.com at their Pax10 coverage.

  • Game Developer Magazine

    A team interview with Game Developer Magazine on the development of the game.

  • DIY Gamer

    Read what DIY Gamer had to say about the game.

  • Rock Paper Shotgun

    Read what Rock Paper Shotgun had to say about the game.

  • Horrible Night

    Horrible Night's official review.

A Flipping Good Time