A Flipping Good Time


Mike's Plumbing and Tile: Media Arts Division is a student project team from DigiPen Institue of Technology. This was our Sophomore year project. Some of us worked together for a Freshman project, and we had a great time working together so we stuck it out for another year and added a few new faces. Our main focus in this project was to make ourselves better at what we want to all do for a living, creating fun games. Though we are a student team, we took the project very serious, yet wanted to have as much fun as possible while developing it. We concentrated on our respective roles and helped each other out as much as possible.

We had a great time creating "A Flipping Good Time", enough so that we are now working together on a new project. See the trailer on our main page. We have many different personalities on our team, this diversity and us working together to embrace it is what let us hit our goal in developing a well rounded, appealing to multiple levels of gamers, and most of all fun game.

Finally, let us introduce ourselves individually and tell a little about what we did on the game.


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We are now on to our new project, Man vs the World. Check it out here.


We enjoy the feedback we get from everyone. Please keep sending it.


As the Producer, I managed our team that grew to 10 people at one point and consisting of four programmers, two game designers, two artists, one animator, and one musician. I kept us on track meeting most deadlines during our first semester and all during our second. I also took on a task to make sure that all of my team members stayed on top of all of their other classes.

I was also our graphics programmer. And, I did a bunch of other stuff too.


I wrote the game logic, level editor, menus, some graphics, and some of the collision detection. I designed and implemented the core architecture of the engine, and I helped the other programmers with their responsibilities.

I really enjoyed working with this team and on this game. It was very exciting to see the game evolve from one week to the next, and there were quite a few interesting technical challenges. I also liked working with the game designers to tweak the mechanics and integrate new features.


I worked mostly in our collision detection / physics system. I was responsible for detecting and resolving collisions between game objects. I worked in several other smaller areas of the game as well, implementing text drawing and applying character animations to triggers.

I also managed our art team, helped our lead artist develop concepts for some of the art assets, and was responsible for getting all final art assets into the game. Aside from my programming tasks, I created all of the animations seen in the game, created content for our other artist to finalize, and helped to manipulate assets to be consistent with the look of the rest of the game.

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I supported our Producer, Kenneth, with a lot of smaller tasks, organized all of the team presentations, created props for those presentations, and worked to make sure we kept up on all of our TCR's (Technical Certification Requirements). My programming tasks were primarily within the input and sound systems. I also worked to keep team morale high thoughout the school year.


As one member of our Design Team I was repsonsible for a lot of feel of the game itself. I created a full prototype for our team to refer to during the development of this game. I worked with our programming team to develop the core gravity flipping mechanics and with our other Designer to establish a fun yet challenging set of levels. I co-managed all of our playtesting events and documented all of the feedback we received from those events. I organized the data and used it to decide what areas of the game needed to be changed, kept as is, or just needed to be cut. I also worked with our artists to develop a look that was consistent with the feel of the game.

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Creating level content, co-managing playtesting, and working to get the most out of each mechanic used in the game were my core responsibilities. It was a great experience to work with another designer to develop a feel of the game that reflects both of our personalities and design styles. I sifted through playtesting data to help make major design decisions and looked for new possibilities and directions we could take the game.

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I am responsible for the overall look of the game. Initially, I created many character concepts, iterating on design, style, and feel until we had a full art style and color palette that matched the feel of the game play. I finalized almost all of the art assets in the game to maintain our consistent style, and worked with our other artist so his stuff that I did not finalize also matched. I also helped paint our custom arcade cabinet and character cut out.

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About me?

I construct electronic melodies, of the dance and beep boop variety.   Feast your ears on them at www.tylerwoods.bandcamp.com.  

I am responsible for the entire A Flipping Good Time soundtrack.

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A Flipping Good Time